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Since 2005, Plattsburgh Hearing has served Plattsburgh, NY and the North Country to provide individuals with improved quality of life through better hearing.  Our local hearing instrument specialists have over 20 years of experience doing what they love: supporting people through improved hearing to live healthier, more connected, and more fulfilled lives.

We are independently owned and operated.  This allows our providers to focus on each individuals’ best interests by offering extended risk free trials of the most advanced technology from a variety of top manufacturers based on each person's needs.  

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Latest in Hearing Technology

The Latest in Hearing Technology

Improvements in better hearing technology include:

  • Better hearing in noise
  • Improved understanding in a variety of important listening environments
  • Bluetooth compatibility to connect wirelessly to TVs, Cellphones, Tablets, Etc.
  • The smallest, automatic, most comfortable, whistle free technology available
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Why Treat Hearing Loss?

Treating hearing loss has many proven advantages, has many proven advantages, including better communication, improved understanding, reduced listening effort, and remaining connected to your friends and family.  Studies have shown numerous links between untreated hearing loss and medical conditions like balance, brain atrophy, dementia, and Alzheimer’s to social issues like withdrawal, anxiety, depression and social avoidance. You are not only making positive improvements to hearing health when you choose to start the path towards better hearing, but your overall health as well.  Your relationships, personal safety, wellbeing and overall happiness also can be positively affected.

At Plattsburgh Hearing, we look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have.

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