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Jan. 02, 2023

Communicating with Your Loved Ones who Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the person with the condition; it also has an impact on the people around them, particularly their loved ones. The communication difficulties that arise from hearing loss can put a strain on relationships, leading to frustration and misunderstandings between the person with hearing loss and their loved ones. The strain of constant communication difficulties can also lead to emotional strain on both the person with…
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Apr. 29, 2022

How Untreated Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

Hearing loss has a myriad of effects on all facets of life including relationships. Communication is an essential way we navigate daily life and sustain connections with others. A major consequence of untreated hearing loss is that it strains communication, making it challenging to engage in conversations. This can lead to wanting to engage with others less – social withdrawal is another outcome of untreated hearing loss. These effects can…
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Apr. 15, 2022

Treating Hearing Loss Helps You Stay Socially Connected

Hearing loss doesn’t just mean you have to turn up the volume on your television. The effects of hearing loss ripple throughout how you live and socialize and can dramatically affect your health and quality of life. Nobody wants to face hearing loss but understands the consequences of leaving hearing problems unaddressed.  Untreated hearing loss has been shown to dramatically increase a person’s risk of depression, anxiety, and social isolation.…
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Apr. 04, 2022

Working with Hearing Loss

Employees who are hard of hearing may face various obstacles during the day. The constant concentration necessary for communication can lead to despair and tiredness, but this can be prevented with planning, flexibility, and openness. Continue reading for some straightforward advice on succeeding in the workplace despite hearing loss. Learn about your legal rights. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that your company make reasonable accommodations to help people…
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Mar. 28, 2022

Avoiding Hearing Tests Could Make the Problem Much Worse

If you’re reading this, you are probably wondering about the state of your hearing ability. Maybe most of the time you can hear well, but sometimes another person points out a sound that you didn’t notice, or seems surprised that you didn’t hear them say something. Is it possible that you have hearing loss, or is it that you just aren’t always paying attention? There’s one sure way to find…
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Mar. 08, 2022

How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

We say that hearing loss “affects” some 48 million Americans, but the real number is probably much, much higher. That’s because hearing loss doesn’t only affect the person who has it, but their friends and loved ones, as well. Perhaps the biggest problem we experience when we have hearing loss is that it makes communication more difficult. And communication is a two-way street! If it’s more difficult for us, it’s also more…
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Mar. 02, 2022

Addressing Hearing Loss May Improve Care of Older Adults

Hearing loss is one of the most common health concerns for adults above age 60. About one-third of those aged 60–69 have hearing loss, and about two-thirds of those 70 and up have it. Nearly 100% of centenarians have hearing loss, suggesting we will all experience it if we only live long enough. Hearing Loss Tends to Bring Additional Health Problems With It Hearing loss is known by the medical…
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Jan. 28, 2022

Treating Hearing Loss is an Investment in Your Health!

There are plenty of reasons to seek treatment for your hearing loss. Study after study confirms that untreated hearing loss can wreak havoc on our social lives, partnerships, in our families, on our mental states, and more. It’s no surprise that untreated hearing loss can also cause problems with our overall health. Hearing Loss: Losing Our Sense of Our Environment Untreated hearing loss has a way of whittling down our…